New Residential Construction

In our 6 years in business, we learned that builders and contractors often have difficulty finding skilled labor for shell construction. Coll Builders was formed to fill that need. Coll Builders is unique in that we specialize in providing experienced, skilled and professionally managed people for your residential and commercial applications. Our process for managing construction projects is how we ensure that we give our clients the lowest total cost for everyone of their projects. This is the primary value            Coll Builders brings to our clients. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, if you are interested in hiring our quality labor services.


From our cumulative experience in construction and building hundreds of homes yearly, the Coll Builders team has discovered that quality framing is fundamental to a successful output. For that reason we focus on extensive on-going training and supervision for all our framers.



We have the knowledge and experience to tackle any type of single family, multi-family, light commercial or residential construction projects.



We take pride in our development program that produces qualified teams of block layers. This is an area that our competitors often ignore resulting in multiple, expensive, callbacks.



We utilize only experienced drywall teams for everyone of the projects that we are assigned to. Our clients rightfully demand that the drywall work be consistent with their plans and implemented as near perfect as possible..